Power line

Power line

The majority production of electricity in the Republic of Macedonia, about 80%, is based on the thermal power plants. The largest production capacity is the Mining Power Complex “Bitola” with its three units of 225 MW each, and net production of about 1.434 GWh per unit. The plant is a complete production entity, with several units.

On 11.11. 1996, by commissioning the 400 kV transmission line Bitola- Skopje, the first “ring” was lightly closed at the 400 kV network in the Republic of Macedonia, contributing to the operation stability and reliability of the transmission network and the system as a whole.

Concerning the Bitola subsidiary it could be given some data as: number of employees and their qualification structure, take over and disposed electrical energy and number of consumers.

Table 1 – qualification structure and number of employees in year 2000 

250 18 22 100 1 16 57 19 17


Table 2 – Take over and disposed electrical energy in year 1999

Take over electrical energy Disposed electrical energy Number of consumers
KWh висок напон низок напон  
308300 35588 226836 43107

Table 3 – Realization and participation in total production and consummation in RM

Realization (GWh) Participation (%)
243 6,52

After the accomplishment of the respectful and responsible tasks a rest in required Respecting this very important principle, contained in very manual of modern management, within the system of the Macedonian electric power industry, activities that resulted in the construction of several facilities for relaxation and recreation of the employees were undertaken long ago. This is mentioned because close to Bitola it is functioning one of the most representative hotels: Molika at Pelister.

For more information about total electrical network in Macedonia go to www.esmak.com.mk